pinot meunierThe ambassador of Champagne Gratiot & Cie throughout the world

As experienced winegrowers for several generations, the men in the family have persistently improved their techniques year after year to ensure quality grapes and fine champagnes with a great finesse.

Pinot meunier

The vineyard Gratiot & Cie

Champagne Gratiot & Cie cultivate 18 hectares of vines in the department of Aisne. The family vineyard is adequately representative of the region and is composed of 84% Pinot Meunier, 13% of Chardonnay and 3% of Pinot Noir. As the vineyard was developed, it seemed indisputable to produce Pinot Meunier, a robust and expressive variety of vine, ambassador of the brand around the world.

The estate now evolves under the keen eyes of Rémy Gratiot and his team, who grow the three types of vine in seven villages of the Aisne Department: Saulchery, Charly-sur-Marne, Villiers-Saint-Denis, Romeny-sur-Marne, Azy-Bonneil and Essomes-sur-Marne. The 43 vine plots are steadily supervised by the members of the Champagne Gratiot & Cie team.

Etat des propriétés Gratiot François Raymond

A team work

The whole team works with great accuracy and a total control of the vineyard by applying the « zoning » technique. A strict respect of the vine allows obtaining the best from the vine by ensuring high quality grapes. This level of requirement is possible only through a regular follow up and a deep knowledge of each vine plot. The members of the team have become experts in understanding soils, in order to adapt variety of vine, work technique, and care of the vine.

« I go around my vineyard each week to provide the most appropriate care »
Travail de la vigne en équipe
Le travail de la vigne

The work in the vines

The arrival of Rémy Gratiot as head of the holding has allowed to entirely review the techniques used to cultivate and maintain the vine. Special attention has been paid to integrated viticulture, a growing method which promotes, inter alia, the reduction of treatments. This strong commitment from Champagne Gratiot & Cie makes it possible to reconcile, environmental preservation, balance between fauna and flora, and continuous search for quality. An approach which requires a high degree of personal involvement of Rémy and his team on a nearly daily basis.

2020 was celebrated with the obtaining of the HVE Label – Level 3, the highest Level of this certification

« My commitment to integrated viticulture is a day-to-day work »

A community-based commitmenT

Un engagement associatif

Rémy has decided to fulfil the commitments of the previous generations by investing in concrete actions. Since 1995, Champagne Gratiot & Cie has been a member of the 26 wine-growers of “La Confrérie du Pinot Meunier de Charly-sur-Marne” (Brotherhood of Pinot Meunier of Charly-sur-Marne) whose mission is to enhance the Pinot Meunier of the canton.

Amélie and Rémy Gratiot have extended this commitment by joining the “Ambassadeurs du Terroir du Sud de l’Aisne” (Ambassadors of the Southern Aisne Terroir). This association which originates in 2013 aims to support the wine-growers in the Aisne region to help them structure themselves and thus gain strength. The association takes concrete actions by tourism professionals in order to promote the region.

Every year, the association organizes an oenotouristic event in Château-Thierry on the third weekend of October. For a few days, the festival Champagne et Vous (Champagne and You) invites you to discover its “Terroir” products.

Vignoble pinot meunier
Vignes Champagne Gratiot & Cie
Vignoble Champagne Grratiot & Cie