General terms and conditions of sale

Article 1

Enforceability of general conditions of sale

The fact of placing an order with Champagne Gratiot & Cie implies the full and unreserved admission of the buyer to the present general conditions of sale. No specific general condition may, unless the supplier formally and formally agrees, be against the general conditions of sale. Any contrary condition laid down by the customer will therefore, if expressly accepted, be unenforceable against the supplier at any time when it may have been brought to his attention.

Article 2


The applicable price is that in force on the date of the order made by the customer.

Article 3

Delivery terms

The delivery costs are for information only. Champagne Gratiot & Cie cannot accept any penalties, or cancellation of order, due to a delay in experience, whatever the causes.

Article 4

Return, repayment-claiming of goods

The goods collected will not be taken back or repayed, except in the event of a declaration by the customer at the time of delivery. For all disputes relating to transport, the complaints must be made within a 3-days clear day in accordance with Article 1056 of the Commercial Code. Our wines always travel at the risk and expense of the recipient, without guarantee againstclimatic consequences, or others. The verificationofpackages is essential for the collection of the goods.

Article 5

Clause of risserves of propriistis

It is expressly agreed that Champagne Gratiot & Cie shall serve the ownership of the delivered goods until the full payment of their price. Champagne Gratiot & Cie uses the right to cancel any order in court in case of non-payment.
In this respect, the surrender of any security which constitutes an obligation to pay does not constitute a payment within the meaning of this clause. The buyer is authorized, as part of his normal operation and unless he is in a state of cessation of payment to resell the delivered goods, on condition that he pays the corresponding sums to Champagne Gratiot & Cie. But he can neither give them or transfer their ownership as a guarantee.
In the event of seizure, or any other intervention by at hard party, the buyer is required to notify Champagne Gratiot & Cie immediately. As part of the application of this clause, the buyer will bear the burden of risks in the event of loss or destruction of the delivery of the goods.
The packaging consign may, in the event of the occurrence of a procedure of reorganization or liquidation of the customer, be taken over by the wholesale ware house keeper consignee.

Article 6

Jurisdiction clause

In the event of a dispute, the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Soissons, even in the event of a plurality of parties or appeals in guarantees.

Article 7

Financial conditions

Our goods are payable in cash unless otherwise stipulated. Failure to comply with a single due date or any other change in the customer’s legal situation makes the outstanding and non-outstanding immediately payable.
There is a current account agreement between Champagne & Cie and its client. When the customer of Champagne Gratiot& Cie has simultaneously the quality of deer and creditor of Champagne& Cie, a compensation will be made.
In the event of late payment, the law of 4 August 2008, known as the business modernization law, states that the “delay agreed between the parties to reduce the sums due may not pass 45 days at the end of the monthor 60 days from the date on the invoice. 
It also indicates that the delay will, in the event of non-compliance, be increased to 3 times the rate of legal interest per month of delay.
The intervention of a litigation company requires the intervention of a penalty clause of 25% on all the sums remaining due without formal notice, as an indemnity separate from the financial pre-judicial.

Article 8

Shop Sales Clause

Gratiot & Cie Champagne is used by the right – without prior notice or information – to change the Club status of its client. This status will be reviewed every year by Champagne Gratiot & Cie. 
CLUB GOLD (-15%): a minimum order per year. Minimum purchase amount of 1,000 €TTC / year.
CLUB SILVER (-10%): one order per year. Minimum purchase amount of 500 €TTC / year